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Coping With Procrastination - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 760 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/05/23 Category Psychology Essay Level High school Tags: Procrastination Essay Did you like this example? Most people in todayrs world procrastinate because they want to achieve something that means most to them. Achieving something can be things, such as winning a national championship, finishing a 10-page essay, or passing every class with all Ars. Trying to do at least one of this can lead to a person procrastinating. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Coping With Procrastination" essay for you Create order When someone procrastinates it can cause burnouts, fears, and setbacks. In my opinion, procrastinators do not feel themselves procrastinating, but can feel themselves feeling stressed out over the thing they try to achieve. When a person is burnout they are usually tired, stress, or overwhelmed about the things they are doing. No one wants to be in a position in being burnout because most days they would want to sleep and lay in bed, instead of going out and enjoying life. For example, having 2 days to finish a project that was assigned weeks ago and knew just starting it. Even though they had weeks to finish a project, they will still procrastinate about finishing a project in 2 days. They would start to get stress because they dont know what to do the project on. Not only being stress about the work, they will feel the presentation will be terrible because of little preparation which can hurt you physically and mentally. As Moore, Baker, and Packer stated in their article Overworking yourself for too long without mental and physical relaxation is a sure way to run out of steam(Moore, Baker, Packer 571). In my opinion, fears can be the number one cause when procrastinating. Having fears can be things, such as going to an interview to get a job, or a football team preparing for a championship game. Both of those reason can cause fear in a person in different ways. Starting off with an interview, everyone would like to go into a place and a boss shaking their hand and saying they got the job. Of course that would never be the case people will have some fear when coming in for an interview. For example, people changing multiple outfits to look for a good appreciation or getting nervous because they would not know what to say, can be a cause in having fears. Moore, Baker, and Packer stated, we set standards that are too high and then judge ourselves too critically(Moore, Baker, Packer 571). Just by going into an interview and being yourself can make it easier on getting the job. When preparing for a championship game can be a different fear. Not the fear of being scared but the fear of something that a team have been preparing for since May and would do anything to win. Why is this a reason is procrastinating? Because a team have been practicing for months, 2-3 hours from Monday-Thursday, winning games week by week, and ;finally, with all the hard work they can play in championship. It can be a fear of being the last game of the season and for most people being the last game they will ever play. In the same way, setbacks are another reason for procrastinating. Going back to being burnout and feeling tired, having setbacks can be the same but is different. In my opinion, when being setback it can cause people not to do anything at all or catch up on things that they have not started yet. You will start to forget a thing, such as turning in work, not finishing work, or complete forgetting to even do the work. In my opinion, when a person is setback from something they are usually tired or stress, and just want to take some time off from the work. No one wants to be stress so for that not to happened people will take time of whatever they are doing, and most sometimes it can be a good thing. In closing, most people would like to achieve their goal without being burnout, having fears, or being setback. No one wants to be stressed, tired, or depressed when trying to achieve goal. Moore, Baker, and Packer stated, Learning to balance your time and set realistic expectations for yourself will prevent burnouts(Moore, Baker, and Packer 571). Not only does that quote can prevent burnouts, but it can also prevent fears and setbacks. It can preven t fears and setbacks because when learning to balance your time people start to finish things and have free time. With setting realistic expectations it would make it easier for someone to not be afraid and just doing what they love the most without worrying about someone judges a person.

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The City Of Des Plaines - 1336 Words

Community health nursing is a challenging, yet crucial nursing care that improves the quality of health care for the community of Des Plaines. The city of Des Plaines is a suburban community located in the northwestern part of Illinois and it is mostly residential with single housing community. It is a small city with a population of 58.677 people ( and is part of Cook County. Des Plaines is surrounded by other communities such as Mount Prospect in the west side, Park Ridge Village on the east side, which houses Lutheran General Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in Illinois. On the southern borders is placed Rosemount Village, which hosts one of the busiest airports in the United States. Des Plaines River runs between Park†¦show more content†¦During the windshield survey, there were many teenagers that were inside the fast food stores or inside the malls holding big cups of soda beverages which are high in sugary calories. Also, there were no people exercisi ng outside due to freezing temperatures, which also contributes to the lack of exercise and increased obesity. The obesity rate for Cook County is 25% and the physical inactivity is 20% (County health Rankings Roadmaps (2016). Strength, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers The behaviors that influence increased obesity in children and adolescents includes consuming foods that are in high calories and beverages, decreased physical activities, and sedentary lifestyles ( During the windshield survey in the Des Plaines community, there were many restaurants and grocery stores that were accessible by car or by public transportation and were located in the main streets. Unfortunately, the most frequented were the fast food stores that were accessible due to the multiple locations in almost every corner of the big street and closer to residential areas, and cheaper in price. Also, another factor that contributes to the increased obesity is the high rate of foreign-born residents including Hispanic population, which according to United States Census Bureau (2016), is 30% compare to 13% in the United States. Some cultures such as Hispanics consume food high inShow MoreRelatedThe West Part Of The United States Of America1025 Words   |  5 PagesCabeza de Vaca, a Spaniard, arrived to the Texas’ shore. At the time Spain had already conquered South and Central America. Cabeza de Vaca was the first person to explore North America for Spain. A tribe of Indians took care of him and his men. Eventually, most of the tribe died from dysentery. As an outcome, Cabeza de Vaca and his men were held as captives. In result, Cabeza de Vaca was unable to explore the land for nearly two years. After escaping, Cabeza de Vaca worked his way to Mexico City. AlongRead More An Analysis of McDonalds Essay1736 Words   |  7 PagesMcDonalds hamburger stand in California running eight Multimixers at a time, he packed up his car and headed West. It was 1954. He was 52 years old. Where it all began, Des Plaines, Illinois Ray Kroc opened the Des Plaines restaurant in 1955. First days revenues-$366.12! It’s no longer a functioning restaurant, the Des Plaines building is now a museum containing McDonalds memorabilia and artifacts, including the Multimixer! Ronald McDonald, In Any Language He Means quot;Fun!quot; quot;TheRead MoreJohn Wayne Gacy1511 Words   |  7 Pagesbusiness to attract young men eager for work, many of whom were subjected to rape. Thirty-three of who lost their lives. At nine oclock on the evening of 11 December 1978, fifteen year old Robert Piest went to a chemists shop in his home town of Des Plaines, Illinois. He was going to see a building contractor who was working in the shop about a holiday job. Robert Piest was supposed to go straight home, where his family was holding a birthday party for his mother. When Robert had not arrived homeRead MoreCase Report On Reckless Driving In The City Of Belle Plaine1552 Words   |  7 Pages17:01 hours I was dispatched to a report of a reckless driver in the area of Union St and Line St in the City of Belle Plaine. As I made my way to the area dispatched advised a silver van was seen smoking on the side of the road and a female was standing outside of it yelling. A second vehicle was reportedly leaving the area northbound on Line St. I began to make my way to the area and Belle Plaine Police Sgt. Barry advised he was out with a silver Dodge Neon at the rail road tracks at 8th and LineRead MoreEssay on John Wayne Gacy1494 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness to attract young men eager for work, many of whom were subjected to rape. Thirty-three of who lost their lives. At nine oclock on the evening of 11 December 1978, fifteen year old Robert Piest went to a chemists shop in his home town of Des Plaines, Illinois. He was going to see a building contractor who was working in the shop about a holiday job. Robert Piest was supposed to go straight home, where his family was holding a birthday party for his mother. When Robert had not arrived homeRead More The Haitian Revolution Essay2474 Words   |  10 PagesThe population of Saint Domingue at the time was classified into three main categories. Each main category was then subdivided. The whites were divided between the gran blancs and the petit blancs; the free blacks were usually referred to as the gens de couleur; and the slaves were called affranchis. Another factor which must be understood before explaining the events that took place before, during, and after the revolution is the general geography of the island itself. In 1789, Saint DomingueRead MoreThe Mcdonald’s Case: Strategies for Growth996 Words   |  4 PagesGROWTH Lintje Siehoyono Lecturer, Hotel Management Program Faculty of Economics Petra Christian University Email: Le Hoang Giang Press officer in Canadian Consulate, entrepreneur, hospitality consultants in Ho Chi Minh City Email: Abstract: This paper presents a case study of international franchising, focusing on fast-food sector. McDonald s is one of the world s premier entrepreneurial success stories. However, early in 2003, McDonald’s hasRead MoreGeological and Dispositional History of the Starved Rocks, Illinois800 Words   |  4 Pagesmight have been deposited. There are 18 canyons at Starved Rock that were formed by glacial melt water and stream erosion. Starved Rock State Park is located along the south side of the Illinois River, one mile south of Utica and midway between the cities of LaSalle-Peru and Ottawa. The park is best known for its fascinating rock formations, including the St. Peter sandstone. It is located down in a huge low inland sea more than 425 million years ago and later brought to the surface. The areas alongRead MoreThe Red Woods, By Jacques Marquette And Lois Joliet1415 Words   |  6 Pagesis the largest ancient monument north of Mesoamerica and likely built over 1000 years ago. It is 100 feet high, 955 feet long, and 775 feet wide. One of the most famous city were in Illinois the city name is Chicago it’s a huge city with a lot of trains a population of 272 million people Chicago is the third-most populous city in the United States. With more than 2.7 million residents, it is thecity in the state of Illinois and the Midwestern United States with the most people , and the county seatRead MoreEssay An Analysis of Eric Schlossers Fast Food Nation1154 Words   |  5 Pageswhose impeccable researching and bold interviewing captures the true essence of the immense impact that fast food restaurants are having in America (2004). Beginning with McDonald’s, the first fast food restaurant, which opened on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois to current trends of making fast food a global realization McDonald’s has paved the way for many fast food restaurants following the same basic ideal that is tasty foods served fast at a minimal cost (2011). Schlosser explains how fast

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Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered to Eighteen

Should the legal alcohol drinking age be lowered to eighteen? At the age of eighteen years old, you are eligible to vote, you can legally purchase cigarettes, you are eligible for the military draft, you are willing to die for this country, you are even able to serve on a jury, and you are titled as an adult at the age of eighteen. Why can’t someone at the age of eighteen not drink alcohol? Who is to say that just because someone is twenty-one years of age means that they are wise enough to drink alcohol in an accountable conduct? There are several explanations why one ought to be able to drink alcohol at the age of eighteen. The minimum legal drinking age was not always twenty-one; it has fluctuated between twenty-one and eighteen over†¦show more content†¦By prohibiting them to drink alcohol, they feel as if you were treating them inferiorly, therefore, they must prove you wrong. To do this; they drink, and that’s not good nor making an improvement in our life quality. By lowering the drinking age, you would stop making alcohol such that the population must get in order to prove their superiority. By doing this, the thrill of breaking the law, would be gone. This would decrease underage, unsupervised drinking. Just because a person lives to be twenty-one does not determine how mature they are. For example, there are many teenagers in the world that are considerably to be more mature than the average twenty-one year old adult. When eighteen year olds are at a party or any place where there is drinking, most will not drink. The environments itself will tell an eighteen to behave and not to get out of hand. If they do drink, they will drink in consideration. But when a twenty-one year old is at a party or any place where there is drinking, most if not all will act in a wild manner. The determination of legality in drinking should not be based on age, but rather based on maturity and the ability to handle responsibility. The twenty-one restriction seems to be out of date in today’s society. Several organizations are targeting a change in the legal drinking age laws. Amethyst Initiative is a petition that has been signed by 135 colleges and universities thatShow MoreRelatedFor Years, The Debate About Deciding A Minimum Legal Drinking1638 Words   |  7 Pagesyears, the debate about deciding a minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) has plagued the United States. The arguments can include that intoxicated driving accidents will increase if the MLDA was lowered or that the current MLDA is not decreasing drinking among young adults at all. The torn arguments between ages eighteen and twenty-one have not proven one age to be the right answer to the problem of deciding a drinking age, but if the MLDA was lowered to age eighteen, it would be the most beneficial choiceRead MoreShould The Minimum Drinking Age Be Lowered?1138 Words   |  5 Pagesquestion whether drinking should be lowered to eighteen or not? Citizens have gave details regarding the affirmative and negative views of the minimum drinking age be lowered to eighteen. Do you think that it is wise to lower the minimum age? Would you look at the negative and positive impacts? Is it more important to give our citizens these full rights? Currently, in the United States the legal drinking age is twenty-one. But as we all know many teenages are involved in underage drinking. But the mainRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Of The United States1479 Words   |  6 Pages The legal drinking age in the United States has been argued for many decades. The current minimal legal drinking age is twenty-one but some want to lower between eighteen and twenty. The main focus of the research conducted and opinions of people are based on the minimal legal drinking age of eighteen. The research is taken from the 1970s, when the twenty-sixth Amendment was passed in the Constitution (Wagenaar, 206). It was stated that eighteen is the â€Å"age of majority†, so thirty-nine of theRead MoreMinimum Legal Drinking Age Sh ould Remain at the Age of 21 Essay1310 Words   |  6 PagesWithout a doubt, the United States has been facing serious national problems with underage drinking. Depending on personal ideologies, some people might not agree that the current minimum drinking age of twenty-one is based on scientific facts rather then ideology of prohibitionism. For example, since 1975 over seventeen thousand lives have been saved since the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) was changed to age twenty-one (Balkin 167). This shows that even over a short amount of time, a higher MLDARead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered955 Words   |  4 PagesGovernment requires the states to enforce a legal drinking age of twenty-one. Where as the world average drinking age is eighteen, and in some Countries it is even lower where it is possible to get a beer at sixteen years of age. Taking that into consideration, there is a great deal of controversy in the United States on what the legal age should be to purchase and consume an alcoholic beverage. The largest issue being that you are considered to be an adult at eighteen and can buy cigarettes and other tobaccoRead MoreEighteen is too Dangerous886 Words   |  4 PagesHas anyone been harmed from underage drinking that you may know of, whether it’s from over dosing or a severe car accident? The topic of lowering the drinking age to eighteen in the United States is very debatable subject because many people have a difficult time deciding which side to support. Many of the negative issues for the low drinking age would have of an effect on the future, which is why the reform should not be put into action. Reasons include health issues, irresponsibility, and deathsRead MoreShould The Legal Age Be Lowered?1326 Words   |  6 PagesShould the legal age be lowered? There are many arguments on why the legal drinking age should be lowered to eighteen. To some, lowering the drinking age to eighteen makes sense and to others it does not make sense at all. Most people believe that if eighteen year olds are old enough to make big decisions such as enlist in the Army, Navy, or other Military services then eighteen year olds are old enough to drink also. Not only does lowering the legal drinking age put the drinker at harm but alsoRead MoreLegal Drinking Age : Should It Be Altered?1408 Words   |  6 Pages Legal Drinking Age: Should It Be Altered? The legal drinking age has been an ongoing controversy for decades, consisting of people who are for lowering, raising, or keeping the age with multiple reasons behind each side. It is commonly known that consuming alcohol can have life-threatening effects on the human body, but these effects can be much harsher at a younger age. Reducing the age for eighteen year olds may result in senseless acts from the drug. Statistics prove that maintainingRead MoreBanning College Students From Consuming Alcohol Before The Age Of Age847 Words   |  4 Pageslaw that prohibits college students from consuming alcohol before the age of twenty-one has a negative effect on the college campus because underage uncontrolled drinking occurs more often. If citizens of the United States are old enough to make life changing decisions for themselves and the country as a whole, why can t they buy an alcoholic drink? The current legal drinking age is twenty-one, but it should be lowered to eighteen and controlled in a safe environment. The National Institute on AlcoholRead MoreLowering The Alcohol Drinking Age1602 Words   |  7 PagesAlcohol Drinking Age Now a day’s teens that are under the age of twenty-one are out in trouble and drinking. They know that they are not old enough to drink and that is what makes them want to drink even more. Teens drink when they are not suppose to, but they know that when they drink, they must stay out of trouble. Lowering the alcohol drinking age will keep a bunch of teens out of trouble. If teens can stay safe while drinking then they should allow eighteen year olds to drink. Eighteen year olds

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Essay on Corporate Accounting

Question: Write an essay on Corporate Accounting. Answer: Introduction The sustainability practice is rapidly increasing among the contemporary organization and in order to improve the sustainability quotient of a company the company is engaging in the process of development more effective sustainable strategies so that the company can improve its sustainability. The companies try to develop sustainable business practice so that the companies can reduce the emission of green house gasses such as carbon die oxide, carbon mono oxide, and methane etc (Anil Kumar, Kumar and Mariyappa, 2010). These green house gases have severe environmental impact as these increases the pollution level and the substantial cause of global warming. The companies also play some social responsibilities in order associated with the societies, where the companies performing their business activities. Apart from this, in order to perform the business activities the companies have to maintain the legal aspect of the country so that the companies can be able to minimize the legal is sue in order to perform the business activities and can provide optimum focus on their core business activities so that the companies can be able to accomplish sustainable growth and development (De Cort et al., 2009). Presently the companies tend to report sustainability in the annual report of the company as well as several companies use to publish separate environmental or sustainability report for the users who want to know about the financial performance as well as environmental performance of the company. The bodies like International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) and AASB have different reporting style for the environmental accounting. There are reporting styles like IAS/IFRS which report the environmental accountability. This report will analyze various reporting standard along with environmental disclosure. Main body Environmental reporting The environmental reporting shows the debate in the society and the business for the case of the limits that are provided for the purpose of the business accountability. It generally reflects on the models of the stockholders or the stakeholders continuum and also signifies the seven positions of the corporate responsibility. Thus it also helps in the development of the issues for the proper creation of the common traditional belief and thus also needs for the creation of the accounting standards and thus it also helps in enlisting the rules for the creation of the proper responsibility towards the environment of the organization (Kumar and Mariyappa, 2010). Thus the accounting standards are also required for the creation of the environmental impacts that are required for the proper enhancement of the issues that helps in the proper enhancement of the corporate responsibility. Environmental reporting also includes the developmental strategies that help in the creation of the developm ent of the organization and thus it also takes account of the responsibility that is created for the proper enhancement of the issues. Thud it also hlps in the proper evaluation accounting issues related to the impacts created in the society for the proper creation of the development of the issues and thus it also helps in the proper enhancement of the environmental conditions that are identified by the process of the IASB/AASB acts for the proper provision of the annual report enhancement of the environment reporting issues (Miller, 2010). There are different other issues that are helps in facilitating the reports created on the environmental impacts and also helps in the provision of the consequences of the impact of the activities that are carried out in the organization for the propr maintenance of the issues and thus the report is created to provide the full satisfaction to the companys overview and thus it also helps in the proper expansion of the business. Environmental issues related to GPFR There are various environmental issues that are connected to the involvement of the growth hampering of the organization. The financial reporting standards are initiated for the proper enhancement of the issues that are requisite for the growth of the environmental issue that is identified for the growth and the development of the standards (Mukherjee and Mohammed Hanif., 2006). Thus it also helps in the proper enhancement of the environmental disclosures that helps in the identification of the environmental issues. Thus it also helps in the proper provision of the issues that are related to the financial materials of the environment issues which is eventually requisite for the shareholders, investors and the other stakeholders. For the betterment of the business, the environmental impacts need to be solved for the creation of a successful and the sustainable environment. Thus for the proper creation of the environmental impact, the environmental directives are appointed in the organ ization for the proper identification of the issues that are related to the growth and the enhancement of the organization. Thus the accounting structures are crated for the proper generation and the calculation of the environmental issues. The GPFR i.e. the general purpose financial reports which provides the proper examples of the financial reporting standards for the proper evaluation of the issues. Thus, the variation of the tangible and the intangible assets includes the measurements that help in the proper generation of the issues (Pahuja, 2009). The issues of the environmental reporting also consist of the environmental contamination, allowances and the transactions that are related to the EU transmission and the cost of the waste disposals. Thus it also helps in the proper determination of the issues that are related to the development of the factors that are required for the proper creation of the enhancements in the environment. It also helps in the proper identification o f the abovementioned issues for the proper enhancement of the disposal chains for the creation of the proper environment in the organization. Thus the CSR strategy is used for the complete formation of the organization for the purpose of mitigating the issues that are related to the enhancement of the environment related to the impacts created by the materials (Polankova, Manlig and Kralikova, 2015). Identification of accounting standards that is relevant to the accounting standards The main objective of the International Accounting Standards Board is to promote the International Accounting standards for the observance and acceptance so that accounting practices in different nations are harmonized. However, there is no accounting standard that deals with the accounting issues in the annual reports of the company (Rajasekaran and Lalitha, 2011). The IFRS/IAS analysis shows that are no International Accounting Standards that deals with the environment accounting. However, IFRIC 3 commonly deals with the emission rights, the IFRS 8 defines the reportable segments and IAS 38 commonly deals with impairment of the emission rights. IAS 39, IFRS 7 and IAS 32 deal with the presentation, recognition, measurement and disclosure of the financial instruments. The IFRS 6 deals with the exploration and evaluation of the mineral resources. The IAS 37 commonly deals with contingent assets, contingent liabilities and provisions. The objective of the IAS 1 is to describe the basis for the presentation of purpose of financial statements and setting out requirements and guidelines for preparation of financial statements (Rana, 2010). The risk of environment has no exception and should be handled in same way as other costs, revenues, liabilities and assets. The organizations are encouraged according to IAS 1 to furnish non financial information and other information in addition to the financial statements. Thus, the information can be in the form of the environment reports or any other statements. IA 16 provides guidance on treatment of the environmental expenditures that are related to plant, property and equipment. The paragraph 24 permits the expenditure that is related to an item of plant, equipment and property. IAS 36 commonly deals with the impairment of the assets. The impairment is the event that causes decrease in the value of the fixed assets (Reporting environmental information in annual reports, 2008). The reason behind this can be changes in the e nvironmental legislation and the assets should be immediately written down to reflect environmental position. The IAS 36 shows that the assets impairment requires that old plant should be reviewed for the impairment. The IAS 37 contingent assets, contingent liabilities and provisions states that the conditions should be met before the provision that may be recognized (Shim et al., 2012). Therefore, is an organization created an environmental contamination then it may not be an legal obligation if the company is acting in an environmental responsible way. Assessment of annual report of a company to analyze sustainability In order to verify environmental accountability Woolworths Ltd has been selected and in this report the companys CSR reporting has been investigated so that the companys environmental friendly business activities can be recognized. The Woolworths is one of the leading Australian company and the company mainly doing business in retail sector (Soyka, 2013). As per several international rating entities Woolworths is one of the most sustainable business organization of the world. The company put great emphasis on developing as well as applying effective environmental strategies so that the company can minimized the environmental impact by the environment efficient business activities. The company can be able to reduce 40% carbon emission, which is equal to the carbon emission level of 2006. Within this period the business activities and the growth of the company is increased substantially but the company able to maintain the carbon emission rate as per 2006 (Special issue of Management A ccounting Research: Risk management, corporate governance and management accounting, 2006). With the help, of the Water Wise Project the company save 200 million litres of water each years, thus reduce the use of natural resources and improve environmental sustainability. Besides this, there are reports that the company has implemented 3.4 million reusable crates in order to replace single use waxed boxes in order to reduce the use of natural resources and improve the environmental sustainability. Besides this, the company try to put efforts on zero percent wastage of food and 25% reduction in carbon emissions when delivered cartoons by Woolworths owned truck. In this way the company put great emphasis on reducing environmental impact and with effective sustainability strategies the company can be bale to minimize the environmental impact as well as improving the sustainability quotients of the company (Sullivan and Bell, 2009). The company provide priority to the following issue: The climate changes Usages of energy Emission of green house gases Usage of fossil fuel and related issue of green house gas emission Direct usage of natural water Waste formation from the entire store of the company Store development The sustainability strategies of the company help to meet the social responsibility of the business organization and help in minimizing the potential issues related to business (Tilbury and Janousek, 2006). Conclusion The sustainability practice is common in the contemporary business organization. There are several organizations, which are playing significant role in increasing environmental sustainability concern thus, the contemporary business organizations forced to put great emphasis developing strategies and carry out the business activities in a sustainable way so that the environmental impact can be minimized (Verma, 2008). In this way the companies reduce environmental impact by using limited natural resources and develop sustainable business activities. There are reporting styles IAS/IFRS, which have provision to report the environmental accountability. However, there are few issues, which are difficult to report with the financial reporting thus the companies try to publish separate reporting for environmental accountability thus; the companies publish the CSR report separately. References Anil Kumar, S., Kumar, V. and Mariyappa, B. (2010).Corporate accounting. Mumbai [India]: Himalaya Pub. House. De Cort, M., Tollefsen, T., Marsano, A. and Gitzinger, C. (2009).Environmental radioactivity in the European Community. Luxembourg: Publications Office. Kumar, D. and Mariyappa, B. (2010).Corporate Accounting. Himalaya Publishing House. Miller, A. (2010). Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance: UK FTSE 350 Companies.The British Accounting Review, 42(2), pp.132-133. Mukherjee, A. and Mohammed Hanif., (2006).Corporate accounting. New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill. Pahuja, S. (2009).Environmental accounting and reporting. New Delhi: New Century. Polankova, M., Manlig, F. and Kralikova, R. (2015). ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING IN THE ENTERPRISE AND RELATED ISSUES.MM SJ, 2015(03), pp.691-695. Rajasekaran, V. and Lalitha, R. (2011).Corporate accounting. Noida, India: Pearson. Rana, G. (2010).Corporate accounting. Jaipur: ABD Publishers. Reporting environmental information in annual reports. (2008). Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers. Shim, J., Siegel, J., Shim, A. and Shim, J. (2012).CFO fundamentals. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Soyka, P. (2013). The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Integrated Reporting Framework: Toward Better Sustainability Reporting and (Way) Beyond.Environmental Quality Management, 23(2), pp.1-14. Special issue of Management Accounting Research: Risk management, corporate governance and management accounting. (2006).Management Accounting Research, 17(2), pp.224-225. Sullivan, T. and Bell, C. (2009).Environmental Law Handbook. Lanham, Md.: Government Institutes. Tilbury, D. and Janousek, S. (2006).Development of a national approach to monitoring, assessment and reporting on the decade of Education for Sustainable Development. North Ryde, N.S.W.: Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability. Verma, K. (2008).Corporate accounting. New Delhi: Excel Books.

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The matching hypothesis Essay Example

The matching hypothesis Paper There are many factors involved in the formation of relationships, proximity, exposure and family, similarity, physical attractiveness, complementarily, competence and reciprocal liking. In this investigation, the research will explore attractiveness, specifically the match hypothesis. Zuckerman et al (1995) reported that the more attractive a person seemed to be, the more positive was anothers overall impression of that person. Symons (1979) showed that a womans physical health, age, and uniqueness are attractive to men whereas a mans status, height, skills, and abilities are attractive to women. Berry and Miller (2001) found that males rated physical attractiveness as the best predictor for higher quality interactions with woman, while woman rated sociability as the most important factor for men. A study was carried out by Walster et al in 1966 known as the computer dance study. 752 freshers took part. First they were told to fill in a questionnaire, after which they were told that they had been allocated an ideal partner for the evening of the dance. These pairings however, had been made at random on basis of their physical attractiveness. Students were asked how much they liked their date and if they wanted to see them again. They found that physical attractiveness was the single biggest predictor of how much each date had been liked by both male and the female participants. The desire of another date was determined by the attractiveness of the female, irrespective of the attractiveness of the male. When we see a person in the street we automatically rate that persons attractiveness, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. We will write a custom essay sample on The matching hypothesis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The matching hypothesis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The matching hypothesis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The matching hypothesis is a popular psychological theory proposed by Walster et al. 1966, on what causes people to be attracted to their partners. It claims that people are more likely to form long- lasting relationships with people who are roughly equally as physically attractive as themselves. This investigation is going to replicate this study. The matching phenomenon of physical attraction between marriage partners is stable within and across generations, Price and Vandenberg 1979. Several studies have tested the matching hypothesis. These studies generally show that people rated as being of high, low or average attractiveness tend to choose partners of a corresponding level of attractiveness. Several studies have been carried out that explore this field of interest for, Murstein (1972) who also supports the matching hypothesis did a study with photographs of the faces of steady or engaged couples were compared with random couples. The real couples were consistently judged to be more similar to each other in levels of physical attractiveness than the random pairs. Murstein summarised the findings of the study as: Individuals with equal market value for physical attractiveness are more likely to associate in an intimate relationship such as engagement that individuals with disparate values. In simple terms, he found that people with roughly equal attractiveness are more likely to establish an intimate relationship, than if one person out of the couple was seen as being unattractive and the other attractive. This investigation focuses on couples separate attractiveness and their attractiveness as a couple, analysing singular attractiveness and coupled attractiveness. The aim of the study is to investigate the matching hypothesis and to test whether there is a positive correlation between the scores of perceived attractiveness of the male and female of the married couples and also as a couple. This investigation differs to previous studies carried out in this area of interest, as the photographs are not separated and the males and females are rated separately in terms of attractiveness. Participants were also asked to rate the photos as a couple. The hypothesis: There would be a positive correlation between participants perceived scores of attractiveness of photographs of married couples. Null hypothesis: There would be no correlation between participants perceived scores of attractiveness of photographs of married couples. Method The method chosen for this study was a correlational research method, as a relationship between the two variables was being investigated. The co-variance is the male and female scores. All the photos used throughout the procedure are obtained from articles from a local newspaper. After the photos are obtained, record sheets will be produced on which the participants will rate the couples. The photos used will be kept together (i. e. they will not be cut into separate male and female sections) for the simple reason that I am also asking the question; do the couples match each other? This would be impossible to do so if the photographs were separated. This also makes my investigation more original. The participants will then be presented with forms like the record sheet (appendix). Cause and analysis was the appropriate method for this investigation as it provides information on the strength of a relationship between specific variables.

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The Arrival

The Arrival Arrival Arrival is a poem that is written in free verse. The style of the writing is imagery and figurative expression, which describes the scene in the poem. This poem is mainly about a biologist who observes and studies the turtles. He wonders where the turtles are from and where they are going. In the end of the story, he still does not know the secrets behind these turtles. The review on this poem will include the theme, the tone, the mood, the style, the rhythm and the strength of the poem.The tone in this poem is energetic. The author describes the character in this poem as a passionate biologist who observes and studies the turtles. In the paragraph, it states, ‚ ¡night turns to early morning he drowses over a cup of cold coffee in the lab.‚ ¡Ã‚‚ Therefore, it can be proved that he does the observation on the turtles because he is enthusiastic in studying them and his attitude is positive towards them.Turtles in the pondIn the poem, ‚ ¡where do they come fr om‚ ¡Ã‚‚ and ‚ ¡where do they go‚ ¡Ã‚‚ has been asked several times. He is eager to know the secrets behind the turtles and wants to explore the arrival of the turtles. Just as he wants to know the secrets behind the turtles, he fell in sleep on his desk, and missed the beautiful scene he waits to see.The mood of this poem is very melancholic. In the third paragraph of the poem, it states, ‚ ¡he waits for arribada, the arrival of the turtles, for the tears to stream from dark, mournful eyes.‚ ¡Ã‚‚ Therefore, the character has the depressing mood because the turtles coming a long way to lay their eggs touch him. In the first paragraph, it said...

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Negotiation Planning Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Negotiation Planning - Case Study Example They provide an estimate with respect to the direct material and direct labour, and this puts the ball in their court despite the company or the buyer providing their estimates with regard to direct material and labour in order to make the modifications, because the sellers are the ones being used for their services. Furthermore, the sellers are in a better position because they are able to quote a price that covers damages caused during the process of making modifications and, thus, keeping aside a negligible amount for the same. They also have taken into account an estimate for spoilage, new items, etc. in order to be on the safer side, keeping their profit margin at the best possible rate for the buyers. 3. In a contract, each party will do its best to emerge as the winner and have the best possible consideration at his/her end. In this contract, the sellers are in a better position than the buyers; however, it must be understood that the two parties do have misconceptions regardi ng one another. First, the buyers are doing their best to decrease the material and labour costs as much as they can because of the price that they will have to pay. The sellers, on the other hand, are trying to negotiate the same in order to maintain a profit margin, as well as to keep room for damages and arrears. The sellers must understand that the optical instruments require modifications to be done within the best possible cost estimate in order to keep the buyers from shelling out much money. Nonetheless, the misconception that the buyers have that the sellers will give them a quote more than they expect may be considered outside the scope of negotiation because ultimately, the buyers need to look into quality and take into account that they would be ready to pay the estimate rolled out by the sellers in order to be left with the best possible end results which will, in turn, help them cover the investments that they made. It is yet again another misconception for the buyers or the Gilbert Company to estimate the overheads and material costs that will be required for the purpose of modification, because the sellers will be able to provide a better estimate knowing that they have to provide their services while keeping a 10% profit margin. 2. In the second answer, we need to analyse the data carefully to ascertain the elementary assessment of the information. Negotiation Plan for the Buyer: The buyer’s position over here is conceptually taken on a different role than the seller’s position. When Pilgrim asked for a cost analysis programme to be conducted for the product, there was a major difference between the cost analyses of Gilbert and Price Analyst. This catapulted Pilgrim to extract the date based on the report conducted by both the parties and a combination of the report between these two parties was evolved to determine the actual cost elements in the negotiation planning. Pilgrim finally called Price Analyst to conduct a negotiation plan for the company since there was an immense difference coming out of the analyses conducted by Gilbert and Price Analyst. The proposed price by Pilgrim was 225,893 USD. This was the price at which he ideally wanted to sell all his 45 optical instruments to the buyer, which is Gilbert Instruments. Price analyst in its analyses compared the labour rates, the GA rates and the Overhead rates which went in modifying the optical instruments at the peak of their prowess. At the current level which is designed by the Price analyst,